What are Jackpots games and how likely is it to win a Jackpot?

Jackpots are the biggest prizes that a lottery, a casino or a game can offer. Often worth millions to the lucky winners, jackpot prizes are eye-grabbing sums of money that tempt players to play their slot games, casino games or lottery. Many games these days come with jackpot prizes, but there are now so many different games with so many different types of jackpots that it can become a little confusing for players at times. So we have put together an useful guide to help you understand what each jackpot really means. Good luck!

Progressive Jackpots

Progressive jackpots are usually the biggest that can be won at online casinos. This is because, as their name suggests, they get progressively bigger as more people play, usually with no maximum limit. Whenever a person plays a slot or other game with a progressive jackpot, more money is added each time they play. With millions of online casino players online at any given time, these progressive jackpots can reach staggering amounts in just weeks. Most progressive jackpots will be at least six figures, with many more being millions of pounds or euros just waiting to be won!

At one point, a lucky winner will strike it rich by landing one of these massive jackpot prizes simply by playing the game. When that happens, the jackpot prize is reset and starts to grow once again. This gives players a good indication of how much the jackpot prize could grow in the future, and maybe influence their decision to play the game more or less often, depending on the size of the prize up for grabs. Some players believe that each jackpot has a specific ‘tipping point’ that, when it is reached, will pay out. This tempts those players to only play certain slot games at certain times when a jackpot prize has hit a specific amount. However, most games’ jackpot prizes are triggered randomly and there is thought to be no set minimum or maximum amount a jackpot prize has to reach in order for it to be paid out to the lucky winner.

Multiple Progressive Jackpots

Slightly different to progressive jackpot games, multiple-progressive jackpot games give players even more chance of walking away with a huge cash prize. These games do not have just one massive jackpot ready to win but sometimes three or four separate prizes, all in one game! This makes it better for the thousands of players all gaming for one prize, as their opportunities to land the jackpot increase two, three or even four fold! If you are lucky enough to strike it lucky on one of these multiple progressive jackpot games, the game will decide which of its multiple jackpots you will be rewarded with. This thrilling experience gets players really excited with the added element of a chance right at the end of the game. The different progressive jackpots within each multiple progressive jackpot game can differ wildly, depending on how recently they have been won or how long it has gone without being scooped up by a player. It is little wonder that these games are becoming so popular thanks to their massive, multiple prizes and great gameplay. We are sure that more multiple progressive jackpot games will be at our favouriteonline casinos in the very near future, and we simply cannot wait to play them!

Fixed Jackpots

Certain games come with what’s known as a fixed jackpot. Fixed jackpots are prize amounts that do not go up or down like fixed jackpot prizes but simply stay as there are no matter what players are doing. These prizes are usually smaller than those of progressive jackpot games but are typically said to be easier to win. The money you can usually win with fixed jackpot games may not be the life-changing sums up for grabs on the progressive jackpot games, but they are not to be sniffed at either. Many prizes can be worth hundreds of thousands to the lucky winners. The vast majority of online slots will come with fixed jackpot prizes as this is the fixed amount that any player of the game can win. If a game is not designated as a progressive jackpot game, you can be sure that you are playing for a fixed jackpot prize.

How likely is it to win a jackpot?

Jackpot prizes are so big for a reason: they are usually quite difficult to win. Most players may never win a jackpot in their lifetime, while some very lucky players have hit the big money time and again. Of the two types of jackpots, there is no doubt that winning a progressive jackpot prize is harder to achieve. This is because of their sheer size and the number of players playing for just one prize on each game at the casino. But there is a reason that they are so popular with players. Progressive jackpots are often life-changing sums of money that are won for very little in return. Some players have won millions from just a few Pounds or Euros. Besides this, a good percentage of the most popular slots come with progressive jackpots nowadays, so players can enjoy a great gaming experience while playing for a huge prize at the same time; it’s win-win.

If you want slightly better odds of winning a jackpot, fixed jackpot prizes are usually lower and stay fixed no matter what, until they are won. This means that they are typically easier prizes to win than progressive jackpot prizes. But more often than not fixed jackpot prizes are lower than the huge progressive jackpots on offer with most games. Prizes of fixed jackpot games vary drastically, so you can expect to play for prizes of a few hundred, thousand or even tens of thousands with these games. Just like with progressive jackpots, fixed jackpots are awarded to players randomly, sometimes landing twice in the space of a few spins, giving the fortunate player not just one prize but two.

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