Florida Lottery: All You Need to Know

The first thing we think about when we hear about Florida is definitely the sunny weather, the beautiful beaches, and fantastic vacations. However, there’s more to Florida than just that. Another thing that’s worth our attention is the Florida Lottery.

Florida’s lottery was established back in 1986 and has not stopped developing and expanding its portfolio ever since. Today, it has a huge variety of draw games and scratch cards, as well as exciting promotions that make playing games a bit more interesting. 

What makes Florida Lottery better than many others in the USA are the humongous prizes. If you’re lucky enough to guess the correct numbers, you’re looking at a chance of winning millions and even hundreds of millions of dollars. 

It’s incredibly easy to play, as all players need to do is choose 6 numbers between 1 and 53. The draws are played every Wednesday and Saturday, and best of all — anyone can play!


Florida Lottery would not have been what it is today were it not for the lucrative promotions they frequently organize. These promotions usually serve the purpose of attracting new players and giving the old players a chance to win a bigger prize and have more fun. 

At the time of writing this review, there is just one active promotion you can participate in, but it’s pretty good as it gives you a chance to cut back your losses. 

Cash Payday — Second-Chance Promotion

Have you been unlucky with the Florida Lottery in the previous period and you didn’t manage to win much? You can turn all of that around with the Second Chance Promotion!

What you need to do is enter your non-winning Week For Life tickets into this promotion for a chance to win cash prizes of up to $20,000. Not too bad at all! You can receive up to ten entries with each non-winning ticket.

During the whole promotion, a total of 150 prizes will be awarded, one of which might go to you if you’re lucky enough. The prizes are awarded through three drawings that are held on the following dates:

  1. July 24, 2019
  2. August 14, 2019
  3. September 11, 2019

The entry period for the last drawing started on August 13 and lasts until September 9, midnight. So, there’s still plenty of time to enter your tickets. 

The number of entries you receive per ticket is determined according to the price of your non-winning ticket. So the higher the cost of your ticket, the more entries you’re looking to get. Here’s the complete structure:

GamePrice PointNumber of Entries
$5,000 A WEEK FOR LIFE$1010
$2,500 A WEEK FOR LIFE$55
$1,000 A WEEK FOR LIFE$22

Bonus tip: You may earn 20 extra entries if you ask your retailer for a promo code. You may use this promo code once for one ticket at the time of registering the ticket. So don’t be shy to ask your vendor!

The Prizes

As we have mentioned before, the main prize you’ll be competing for in this promotion is $20,000. However, there are other prizes you can win as well in case luck is not completely on your side. 

In each of the three drawings, a total of 45 players will receive $1,000 cash prizes, three players will win $5,000 cash prizes, and two players will receive $20,000 cash prizes. 

Here is the complete breakdown of the reward system:

PrizesWinners Per DrawTotal Winners
Top Prize: $20,00026
Second Prize: $5,00039
Third Prize: $1,00045135

The Main Rules to Be Aware Of

The first thing to remember is that only non-winning Scratch-Off lottery tickets from the Week For Life game are eligible for this promotion. You may enter the game with the following tickets:

  1. Game Number 1423, $500 A WEEK FOR LIFE;
  2. Game Number 1424, $1,000 A WEEK FOR LIFE;
  3. Game Number 1425, $2,500 A WEEK FOR LIFE;
  4. Game Number 1426, $5,000 A WEEK FOR LIFE.

You can enter your non-winning tickets on the Florida Lottery website by clicking on the Second Chance Promotion tab and then on the Ticket Entry button. On that page, you will have to enter the 24-digit serial number of your ticket.

Good luck!

Florida Lottery Results & Winning Numbers

Are you the kind of person who frequently looks at and analyzes lottery winning numbers? Perhaps looking for a pattern? Or you’ve just missed the drawing and you’re wondering whether you won or not? Whatever is the reason, here are the latest Florida Lottery winning numbers for their most popular games. 

Florida Powerball Powerplay

Winning numbers on August 28, 2019: 9, 32, 37, 41, 56, 14, x10

Next Jackpot on August 31, 2019: $70 Million

Florida Mega Millions

Winning Numbers on August 27, 2019: 8, 12, 23, 39, 43, 6, x2

Next Jackpot on August 30, 2019: $113 Million

Cash for Life

Winning Numbers on August 29, 2019: 8, 9, 15, 46, 48, x4 

Next draw date on August 30, 2019

Florida Lotto

Winning Numbers on August 28, 2019: 1, 13, 18, 38, 42, 53, x2

Next Jackpot on August 31, 2019: $3,5 Million

How to Claim

If you win a draw prize, you need to claim it within 180 days or your ticket will become invalid. All the prizes, depending on their size, are claimed at a Florida Lottery retailer, Florida Lottery district office, or the Florida Lottery Tallahassee headquarters. 

In case you win a Scratch-Off or a Fast Play game, you have 60 days to claim your prize. 

Here is a quick guide on where to claim your prize depending on its size:

  • Prizes smaller than $600 should be claimed at an authorized Florida Lottery retailer, district office, or the Tallahassee headquarters. 
  • Prizes between $600 and $250,000 may be claimed at the Florida Lottery district office or the Tallahassee headquarters.
  • Finally, prizes bigger than $250,000 can only be claimed at the Florida Lottery Tallahassee headquarters. 

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