Best Bitcoin Wallet on Linux

There’s not much difference between Windows and Linux when it comes to Bitcoin. Fortunately, the best bitcoin wallet is open-source and cross-platform. The code for these wallets have been verified and audited by many sources, allowing the Bitcoin infrastructure to continue to grow.

Reasons to Buy Bitcoin

The Linux community is very supportive of open-source ventures as well as innovative technology. Linux users are also far more technically capable than users of other operating systems. It’s no surprise Linux users compromise a large huge portion of Bitcoin investors. For investors, the best bitcoin wallet really comes in handy. Of course, silk road users also initially comprised a large portion of Bitcoin early adopters too. For most Linux users, investing in an up-and-coming technology that is sure to change the world is an easy choice.

The best bitcoin wallet may be the greatest innovation of our generation

People need to transfer money. The current solutions include Western Union and PayPal. Both their fees are ridiculously high, and their platforms are highly centralized! There have been many horror stories of PayPal users who have their funds frozen for no good cause. With Bitcoin, that simply isn’t possible. It’s difficult for anyone to freeze your account, since the network decides on what should happen to each account. The blockchain is of course mutable due to hard fork opportunities if the community decides on a necessary reason for the chain to fork, but that is unlikely to occur.

Choose a Secure Wallet

When it comes to security, there exist incredible third party products that are relatively secure. We’re talking about Trezor. Now, coming in at $100, it’s only worth it if the user is higly invested in Bitcoin already. Otherwise, it doesn’t make much sense to spend so much capital on a Bitcoin wallet, however secure it may be.

The next best thing is Electrum. And luckily, it supports both Linux and Windows! Amazing features of this wallet include its ability to give the user ease of use, security, and recovery details. Additional features include a multi-signature setup which can be used. However, most users will not touch these features. Its up time is also 100% due to the decentralized nature of the servers.

Innovative Alternative Bitcoin Wallet Technologies

  1. Multi Signature Transactions – Multisig is a way for users in the best bitcoin wallet to require multiple keys to sign a transaction and approve it. There are many real world applicable reasons for wanting to have one. The mathematical wonder that is multisignature transactions have allowed further decentralized control of a specific wallet in order to create more trust. For example, a transaction from a key might require two out of three signatures to approve. This means a lone user cannot betray the other two, but also does not require all people to be present. That is to say, if one person loses touch with another, then it is still okay for everyone in terms of funds.
  2. SPV Verification – Wallets are able to provide secure solutions to verifying all of your previous transactions for maximum safety while using the blockchain to make transactions with Bitcoin. Indeed, Bitcoin wallets have come a long way. SPV stands for simple payment verification, which is essential as they use a protocol called bloom filters which get block information to verify the integrity of your Bitcoin wallet transactions.
  3. Lite Wallet, with instant blockchain syncing – Wouldn’t it be incredible if you didn’t have to wait several hours for the blockchain to sync on your computer? Well now you don’t have to run a full node to use Bitcoin anyone. Cloud servers index the blockchain so you don’t have to. Additionally, there is no security risk because of integrity verification.

Finally, an online bitcoin wallet

The website also provides a lot of features, and the simple ability to send or receive BTC anywhere. It’s highly recommended for beginners as downloadable wallets are hard to setup. A simple online one allows its users to connect from anywhere in the world and get started with BTC instantly.

There are many reasons to get started with investing today in cryptocurrency, and Bitcoin is the first step in any cryptocurrency investor’s portfolio. After all, altcoins are traded against the BTC currency.

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